The development of Orbo® follows on from results of tests on a custom designed permanent magnet generator carried out during mid 2004. Orbo technology is based on electromagnetic interactions concerning domain rotation within ferromagnetic materials, specifically the phenomenon of delayed magnetic field propagation.

Delayed magnetic field propagation is a limited area of exploration within the physics community, while there are a number of papers that detail the test method and examination, no papers to date have gone as far as the research conducted by Steorn.

The development of this technology is continuous as work progresses to the end goal of providing a safe, stable and continuous electrical power output.

As core research and development continues a number of other technologies have been developed as a direct result, these technologies are either based on Orbo interactions or spin-outs from implementations of Orbo.

These ancillary technologies include low frequency induction heating operating on AC line frequency without the need for intervening electronics, hybrid passive magnetic bearings and a range of rotary torque measurement systems for magnetic implementations.

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