Introducing HephaHeat


HephaHeat technology is designed for electric water heating products and is aimed at the domestic and commercial water heating industry.

HephaHeat water heaters use electricity to create metallic thermal stores. The water required is heated on demand in-line via a heat exchange process with delivery temperature and flow rate fully adjustable. By utilising HephaHeat technology in your products, systems from 38° – 60° – 100°C can achieve real benefits in a number of key areas.

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HephaHeat technology offers the following key advantages:

  • High energy efficiency
  • Low standing losses
  • High delivery to volume ratio
  • Compact size
  • Charge on night electricity rates
  • Single phase 13 Amp fused spur
  • Unit descaling
  • Install at point of use – reduce water run off
  • Robust materials ensure long life cycles
  • Ease of manufacture for low cost volume production
  • Fast recovery time — start to draw off water within 20% of recharge time
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