What is ZeroF?


ZeroF is the brand name of Steorn’s hybrid passive magnetic bearings. These bearings provide many advantages over traditional bearings and have the added benefit of not consuming power unlike active magnetic bearings.

Why ZeroF?


ZeroF bearings use neodymium magnets to handle radial loads. The use of permanent magnets reduces necessary shaft contact with the bearing elements in comparison to ball and roller components used in standard bearings, thereby resulting in a much lower friction coefficient.

ZeroF bearings achieve superior performance with much less cost and complexity, allowing much broader usage potential than conventional active bearing systems and bringing our technology into the general bearing market.


ZeroF bearings can be designed into any existing or new application where traditional deep groove ball bearings are used today.

Typical uses would include office machinery, paper handling / movement, motors, fans, compressors, conveyor belts and specialized applications requiring vastly reduced friction and very high accuracy in movement.

Benefits of ZeroF Bearings

This patent pending technology brings real benefits to the design and operation of systems and products. The design engineer can factor in key benefits that provide a solution to the most common causes of bearing failure, namely:

  • improper lubrication
  • excess temperature
  • increased energy costs manifested through friction
  • excessive noise
  • impact load damage
  • limited speed range
  • high maintenance and reduced operational lifespan
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